You can only understand a city if you understand the different people who made it. That’s what Skyline is about: interviewing the architects, engineers, urban planners, and real estate developers who are responsible for the built environment around us.

During my years in the non-profit sector in Europe, I befriended several architects and urban planners. When I later decided to make a career shift, I knew I wanted to be involved in the things they do. Several of them advised me to do so from the development side of the equation, and that put me on the track towards an MBA at UW-Madison with a focus on Real Estate and Urban Economics.

You can find me on LinkedIn or email me on the contact form. I’m currently a development associate at a development firm in Madison, WI. If you’re interested, sign up for the Skyline Forum Newsletter here, and/or click here to give me feedback on the site. Thanks for stopping by!