Episode 6: Architect or Developer?

In Episode 6, I caught up with Brandon Donnelly of the very popular blog Architect This City. Brandon has degrees in both architecture and real estate development and as such has a unique perspective on the two disciplines. In this episode, I was interested to hear about the rationale behind his decision to pursue development over architecture, his definition of “real estate developer,” and his suggestions for pursuing the kind of work in real estate development which he does (currently in Toronto). It was a great conversation and confirmed for me a lot of things I’d learned through reading his fantastic blog.

Later on in our chat, we did a little “lightning round” of very short conversations about zoning in San Francisco, land speculation in Detroit, wood-framed mid-rises, the future of crowd-funding in real estate, tearing down urban highways, etc, all stuff I knew Brandon had written about and which I found very interesting. I had some Skype connection problems in that section and it differed from the content we talked about for the first 11 minutes, so I’m just going to post that link here.

Next time, in “Putting Land on Layaway”, we will focus on purchase options and the predicament of how to reserve a piece of land for development before you actually have the financing to buy it. This can be an important but tricky part of getting a project on its way. To help us sort out the tangle of issues involved, we’ll be talking to Memphis-based John Paul Stevens, a veteran Real Estate lawyer who is rumored to be my cousin. Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.