Onboarding for Developers

Many development firms skip “onboarding,” or orientation, about how they run a project. It’s assumed that you know each of the steps that will be taken in a project. Or that it isn’t important to know that upfront. I know you can’t say everything, but I find it a bit exasperating to say nothing. Especially with staff who are new to the industry.

So I’ve always tried to do a half-day “onboarding” with any analysts who worked for me. And I’m now teaching a short, live on Zoom version of that curriculum. The first two cohorts have been attended by executives and novices, people from tiny firms and big nationals. All have said they t

We spend the first evening talking about firm-level issues (positioning, risk) and then spend 2-3 nights going through a typical project, stage by stage. Are you just starting your career and interested in joining? Or in leadership and trying to figure out how to structure this training for your people? Sign your name on the waitlist here and I’ll let you know when we launch Cohort 3.