Making It Pop

A conversation with a well-known Architect-Developer Jonathan Segal about the evolution of his business model and the strategic advantages it gives him

Making it Pop

Jim Baney is a principal at SchulerShook, one of the world’s leading lighting designers, and once the sun is down, the work he and his colleagues have done will determine much of the way you see a city. They were recently hired as Theatre Planner for the renovation of the Sydney Opera House’s largest venue, the Concert Hall, and that’s only the latest in a run of incredibly successful and significant projects, including Millennium Park in Chicago.

In our chat on lighting design, we discuss basic lighting theory, his very interesting work in “daylighting”, and the way that he is involved in both new construction projects and creative reuses. At the risk of understatement, Jim shed a lot of light on a subject which fascinated me but which I had never understood before. Hope you enjoy our chat on lighting design as much as I did!