We’ve Been Here Before

A conversation with a well-known Architect-Developer Jonathan Segal about the evolution of his business model and the strategic advantages it gives him

We've Been Here Before

Dr. Andrew Baum, longtime professor at Reading and now at Oxford, co-wrote the book on real estate finance and investments. He has spent the majority of his career working with institutional real estate investors in developing global property investment strategies. But he’s also maintained a parallel academic career. He is executive chairman of Property Funds Research, a real estate consulting and research business, chairman of the investment committee for CBRE Global Investment Partners and non-executive chairman of Newcore Capital Management.

In this episode, we chatted about the all-powerful, all-important “real estate cycle”. To make sure this wasn’t too light, we also breezed our way through the theory of building a cap rate, one of the backbones of all real estate finance. We also touched a bit on Brexit.

This conversation about the real estate cycle covers a lot of ground. Hope you enjoy it and get a chance to pick up his fantastic book, co-written with David Hartzell from UNC.