Course Library

Development Economics

Our flagship course. If you want to understand “the numbers” of development without a 10-hour financial modeling course, this is for you. Meant for the total beginner.

Mortgage Math

To do make more advanced financial models, you need to understand the basics of mortgages. This short course will help you calculate loan size, payments, and other related skills.

Excel Crash Course

AI and killer robots are cool, but you probably still need to know some basic excel for financial modeling. This free 45-min course gives absolute beginners a crash course.

The Development Capital Stack

The idea for a great building, with no capital to finance it, is like a top notch race car with no fuel. Learn about the different capital and how to raise it in this short course.

Financial Modeling

In this course we lay out the basics of information architecture and work through a case study for developing a new building in New York. If you’re up for a challenge, you can learn a lot.