The Skyline Equation

People + Buildings = Cities

Real Estate developers play a critical role in creating cities. But most people have never met one, and don’t know what they do. Developers are entrepreneurs. We hope to spread awareness of what we do, and perhaps convince you to become one.

What We’re About

Real estate development is as challenging a field as any that we know of. But for some reason, there’s very little written about it. We are focused here on assembling an interdisciplinary understanding of all things development, even as we are working live on real projects. We hope that, whatever your role in the process, you will be able to learn from the conversations here and add to them!

Meet the Founder

My name is Ben Stevens. I spent my 20’s in the non-profit world in Europe. During those years, I befriended several architects. And when I later decided to make a career shift, I knew I wanted to be involved in the things they do. One of them suggested I consider doing so as a “real estate developer,” and I took him up on that advice. But I’ve retained my passion for related disciplines like architecture and urban design. I created the Skyline Forum while getting my MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to continue researching those fields. After taking some time off to write The Birth of a Building, I’m now back to try to expand the site. I hope to drill down deeper into subjects that I encounter in my work and collaborate with others on projects related to development and cities.

I’m currently a development manager at multifamily development firm in Raleigh, NC. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn or email me on the contact form. Hope we’ll cross paths.



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